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Selecting a Motorbike Shed For Your Personal Needs

Selecting a Motorbike Shed

If you are looking for a motorcycle shed for your favorite motorcycle then you can choose one to suit your needs from the large variety which is available in the various stores. There are some questions you have to find answers to before you can select the best motorcycle shed which will suit your specific requirements. The questions that you have to ask yourself are given below.
  • Do you want the motorcycle shed to be a small one where you can park your motorcycle to save it from the rain and the snow?
  • Do you want a reasonably sized motorcycle shed where you can carry out maintenance and repair work without problems?
  • Do you want a makeshift or temporary motorcycle shed or a permanent one?
  • Do you want to have risk-free motorcycle shed?
  • Are you looking for a portable motorcycle shed?
  • How much space do you have to set up the motorcycle shed?
  • How much money are you ready to spend on the motorcycle shed?
You can select a motorbike shed which has just enough space to put your motorcycle inside it. When you buy this type of motorcycle shed there is very little possibility to carry out any repairs to your motorcycle while it is inside the shed. You will have to take the motorcycle out of the shed even when you have to do minor repairs to any part of the motorcycle. If it is raining or snowing outside and you cannot use the motorcycle without carrying out a small repair activity it will become a problem for you.

This is the reason why most people want a motorcycle shed which is big enough to allow them to stand upright while inside the shed. They prefer that the shed should allow them to carry out small repairs to the motorcycle inside the shed itself. There are a large number of big-sized sheds available which you can choose from.

You may want a shed which is portable, cheap and easy to erect. You may want to take it down whenever it is not in use and erect it when you need it. You can choose to buy one of these sheds from the market but always keep it in mind that these sheds do not provide a great amount of protection to your motorcycle as a permanent one does. If there too much rainfall or snowfall or there winds at high speeds these temporary sheds will not be able to keep your motorcycle dry and safe.

Another problem which you might have with these sheds is that the materials used for building these sheds are not pilfer-proof and your motorcycle can easily be stolen by cutting the plastic sides of the shed. Considering all these factors if you think that you want more all-weather protection for your motorcycle then you have no other option but to buy a permanent type of motorcycle shed where you can keep your motorcycle without any problem. Maybe you will have to spend a good sum of money for the motorcycle shed but it will be worth it.

How Do You Pick A Good Motorcycle Shed?

Requirements For The Best Motorcycle Shed

If you do not have a proper garage where you can park your motor cycle for long periods of time then you need to buy a separate shed for it. Keeping the motorcycle away from rain, snow, heavy winds or frost is necessary to keep it in a good working condition. This will ensure that you can use it whenever you feel like without facing any problem in starting it up. These natural elements have the capacity to damage moving and the coat of paint on the motorcycle. A shed for the motorcycle reduces the effect of the natural elements on the motorcycle to a great extent.

Strong winds can deposit layers of dust on the moving parts which can cause them to get jammed. Once these parts get jammed it is very difficult to operate them without dismantling them, cleaning them of dust and oiling them. This condition can make your motorcycle unfit to be used whenever you need it most.

The metallic surface of the motorcycle is the first thing that gets affected by exposure to rain. The surfaces which do not have a good cover of paint start to catch rust and become brittle before falling off. The handle bars, levers and wires catch rust and become unusable. The engine block and the gear and brake levers and pedals also catch rust and can break if the rusting is prolonged enough. Water soaks into the dials of the instrument panel of the motorcycle rendering them unreadable after some time.

The rubber of the tires of the front and the rear wheels carry the whole weight of the motorcycle. The air in the tires escape slowly with the passage of time as the air pressure does not get topped up. The deflated tires slowly start to develop cracks as they are not able to carry the weight of the motorcycle any more. The cracks appear on the sides of the tires as the curvature is lost and the tires get pinched. Once these cracks appear the tires cannot be inflated anymore and become useless.

With continuous exposure to very low temperatures caused by snow and frost the rubber of the tires lose their elasticity and become brittle. They may even explode if air is pumped into them under this condition. 
The low temperature can also freeze the engine block which may also crack if the motorcycle is started after a long period for which it has not been used.

We might be experts in the field but we can assure you that we are not the only ones. I would highly recommend you check out this blog post by a fellow motorbike shed enthusiast:

The exposure to frost can freeze the oil in the gearbox resulting in zero lubrication which may damage the gears and the pistons. Snow and frost can freeze up the fuel in the tank and in the fuel lines with the result that you will not be able to start up the engine when you want to. You will have to clean the fuel lines and the tank before you can start the motorcycle. Without a shed for protecting the motorcycle from the elements of nature will just turn into a pile of junk fit to be thrown away. 

A Motorcycle Shed - What Is It?

The structure that can keep your motorcycle safe and secure from the elements of nature is called a motorcycle shed. The shed can be made of any material like metal, wood or plastic depending on what type of weather that your motorcycle has to face when it is not in use. It can be also constructed from plastic sheets spread over a frame made of iron rods.

The one made of steel rods and plastic sheets is the simplest one. It can be erected at any time and taken down whenever the motorcycle is in use and does not need the shed. The shed can be dismantled and stored for future use or can be carried to a different place for keeping the motorcycle itself. This model of the motorcycle shed is the cheapest and the most portable type which can be afforded by anyone. The only thing that you need is a place to set it up.

A motorcycle shed made of plastic boards is stronger than a shed made out of plastic sheets. Similarly a shed made out of wooden boards gives better protection than a shed made of plastic sheets while a shed made out of metal sheets is the strongest among all of these sheds. These sheds cannot be dismantled and stored easily and are semi-permanent to permanent structures.

These sheds have various shapes and designs. Some have slanted roofs while others look like tents. The sheds which look like tents are the ones which have plastic sheets placed over iron rods which make up a tent-like structure with a flap which you have to lift to enter them. The ones which are made of wood or metal sheets usually have doors made of the same material which have to be opened to get access to the motorcycle inside.

Some of the tents are large enough for you to carry out minor repairs to your motorcycle which do not need a great deal of dismantling or reassembling. There are sheds which are high enough to let you stand up right. If you want to carry out repair work inside the shed then you must have windows on the sides of the shed to make things visible inside. If there are no windows in your shed then you might have to make arrangements for internal lighting.

The sheds are also designed in such a way that you can attach them to your garage or you can erect them in your garden. You can easily choose the shed which suits you the best from the different kinds of motorcycle sheds that are available in the market having all kinds of shapes and sizes using various kinds of materials.
When you order a shed for your motorcycle the things that you have to keep in mind is the amount of rain and snow that you may have during the year from which you want to protect your motorcycle, the amount of space you need for your motorcycle and what exactly you expect from the shed. 

My Journey Into Riding Motorbikes

So people have been asking me, how exactly did you first get into riding motorcycles and whatnot?

To a lot of people the hardest step is first getting into riding a motorbike, because you can't just buy one and then expect to like it, without never trying.

For most people the first step will obviously to go to a driving school and take some motorbike lessons and learn how to drive, you will quickly see if you like it or not.

For me that is not how it all got started. As I've said in my about me post, my dad was a mechanic and also a moto fan so I've been around machines all my life.

When I was young I was fixing motorbikes in his shop and also fixing cars, but my dad never let me drive them because he like many people considered it dangerous, not just for kids but in general, despite himself driving them and loving it.

I fell in love with them while hearing the sounds in the shop and finding out how they work, fixing them and stuff like that. Here's a quick video of the amazing sounds a motorcycle can make.... This is not my video by the way, I am simply sharing the amazingness you can find on the internet.

If you do not enjoy sounds like that, do not fear that the machines aren't for you,  people love different things about motorcycles. I also love the feel of speed for example, not just the sound.

So on with the story.. When I was like 13 I still hadn't been let to drive so I sneaked into the garage one night when my dad was out with his friends, grabbed his keys and gave it a try.

I literally was half the size of the bike and went for a ride with it. It was the most fun I have ever had! I didn't crash, wore a helmet etc. I told my dad about it the next day and got a nice beating for it and was grounded, but after a while he let me drive with him and eventually alone as well.

I do not recommend doing this without permission like I did, talk with your old man or anyone you know who has a motorcycle and you will be able to make a deal with them and they will definitely help you out with it!

That's my little story, a bit crazier than usual and I left out a lot of the details but that is all you need to know for now.

If enough people ask, I might post the full story one day but now I need to go take a trip with my Honda!

Have an awesome day and share your stories in the comments.

Will be posting some articles about motorcycle sheds soon!

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Who Am I? What Is This?

Hey Guys and Girls!

My name is Robert and I'm.. very old.

If you don't know me already, you will now get a quick overview of who am I and what exactly I do. If you want more information, make sure to go check out the "about me" page on the side of this blog.

Alright so as I said, my name is Robert and from my picture you can assume that I'm fairly old, BUT, I can assure you that I'm very young in my heart.

I spend the majority of my free time riding my motorcycles and tuning them, as a professional I am a mechanic and have been so for almost all my life. It is one of the few passions I have in this life, besides riding my bikes.

Most of you probably think that I'm one of those guys that drives a Harley and drink beer for the rest of the time. Although it is true that I have the stomach of an average harley guy and love beer, I don't drive a harley.

I'm all about speed when it comes do motorcycles, it is the most amazing thing you can do in this life in my opinion. If you've never driven a motorcycle before, not only will you learn how to take care of one on this blog but you will also be convinced to try riding a motorcycle.

So, I'm not really sure what else to say on this post, I will go into myself a bit more in the about me article but that's enough for the introduction.

I hope you will gain some valuable information from my blog and perhaps visit again in the near future.

Thanks a lot for your time, it is greatly appreciated! :)