About Me

So you'd like to get to know me a little bit better?

You have come to the right place, this is my personal blog and this specific page is completely about me.

So who am I? You probably already know that my name is Robert Adlacks (since you can see that in the sidebar) and from the picture you can see that I'm not exactly the youngest guy around.

You will also know from the title of this blog and the url, that I freaking love motorcycles and everything related to them.

I have a lot of passion for riding motorcycles, fixing them and preventing fixing them, so basically taking care of them. They are amazing machines that make your life a lot more fun and give you the feeling that you have control over everything in your life.

How did I get into motorcycles? I will not give you the full story as I will cover that in a separate blog post but I will tell you this much that my father was a mechanic and he got me into fixing machines as a little kid already. That kind of led to it, but you'll get the full story soon enough.

So, during my free time you will see me traveling on my motorcycle(s) or just cruising around with them and spending time with my family. For work, as I said earlier, I am a mechanic for both motorcycles and cars. I like to get dirty and just fix stuff, I even do electronics at times! Some say I have golden hands, but they're usually just dirty, haha.

Why did I make this blog? Because there are a lot of people who have never tried motorcycles and they do not know what they are missing out on, that is the main reason. The other thing is that the people who do love motorcycles and have one, have no clue about how to properly take care of them, so I feel like it is my duty to help them out.

On this blog I will be posting various articles on for example, motorcycle sheds and whatnot. This is the easiest way to cut down on motorcycle repair costs, saving you thousands of dollars every year. If I will even convince one person to take better care of their iron horse, this blog has been a major success in my eyes, besides I really enjoy writing, even though I am truly horrible at it.

If you have any extra questions about me or motorcycles in general, make sure you either contact me personally or leave a comment here, I love talking about motorbikes so you can be certain that you will get an answer very quickly, especially considering that I have a lot of free time.

Thanks a lot for your time, as always, if you find this even a bit interesting you should share it with other people who you might think find this even a bit useful, entertaining, or interesting.

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