Monday, September 16, 2013

My Journey Into Riding Motorbikes

So people have been asking me, how exactly did you first get into riding motorcycles and whatnot?

To a lot of people the hardest step is first getting into riding a motorbike, because you can't just buy one and then expect to like it, without never trying.

For most people the first step will obviously to go to a driving school and take some motorbike lessons and learn how to drive, you will quickly see if you like it or not.

For me that is not how it all got started. As I've said in my about me post, my dad was a mechanic and also a moto fan so I've been around machines all my life.

When I was young I was fixing motorbikes in his shop and also fixing cars, but my dad never let me drive them because he like many people considered it dangerous, not just for kids but in general, despite himself driving them and loving it.

I fell in love with them while hearing the sounds in the shop and finding out how they work, fixing them and stuff like that. Here's a quick video of the amazing sounds a motorcycle can make.... This is not my video by the way, I am simply sharing the amazingness you can find on the internet.

If you do not enjoy sounds like that, do not fear that the machines aren't for you,  people love different things about motorcycles. I also love the feel of speed for example, not just the sound.

So on with the story.. When I was like 13 I still hadn't been let to drive so I sneaked into the garage one night when my dad was out with his friends, grabbed his keys and gave it a try.

I literally was half the size of the bike and went for a ride with it. It was the most fun I have ever had! I didn't crash, wore a helmet etc. I told my dad about it the next day and got a nice beating for it and was grounded, but after a while he let me drive with him and eventually alone as well.

I do not recommend doing this without permission like I did, talk with your old man or anyone you know who has a motorcycle and you will be able to make a deal with them and they will definitely help you out with it!

That's my little story, a bit crazier than usual and I left out a lot of the details but that is all you need to know for now.

If enough people ask, I might post the full story one day but now I need to go take a trip with my Honda!

Have an awesome day and share your stories in the comments.

Will be posting some articles about motorcycle sheds soon!

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