Monday, September 16, 2013

How Do You Pick A Good Motorcycle Shed?

Requirements For The Best Motorcycle Shed

If you do not have a proper garage where you can park your motor cycle for long periods of time then you need to buy a separate shed for it. Keeping the motorcycle away from rain, snow, heavy winds or frost is necessary to keep it in a good working condition. This will ensure that you can use it whenever you feel like without facing any problem in starting it up. These natural elements have the capacity to damage moving and the coat of paint on the motorcycle. A shed for the motorcycle reduces the effect of the natural elements on the motorcycle to a great extent.

Strong winds can deposit layers of dust on the moving parts which can cause them to get jammed. Once these parts get jammed it is very difficult to operate them without dismantling them, cleaning them of dust and oiling them. This condition can make your motorcycle unfit to be used whenever you need it most.

The metallic surface of the motorcycle is the first thing that gets affected by exposure to rain. The surfaces which do not have a good cover of paint start to catch rust and become brittle before falling off. The handle bars, levers and wires catch rust and become unusable. The engine block and the gear and brake levers and pedals also catch rust and can break if the rusting is prolonged enough. Water soaks into the dials of the instrument panel of the motorcycle rendering them unreadable after some time.

The rubber of the tires of the front and the rear wheels carry the whole weight of the motorcycle. The air in the tires escape slowly with the passage of time as the air pressure does not get topped up. The deflated tires slowly start to develop cracks as they are not able to carry the weight of the motorcycle any more. The cracks appear on the sides of the tires as the curvature is lost and the tires get pinched. Once these cracks appear the tires cannot be inflated anymore and become useless.

With continuous exposure to very low temperatures caused by snow and frost the rubber of the tires lose their elasticity and become brittle. They may even explode if air is pumped into them under this condition. 
The low temperature can also freeze the engine block which may also crack if the motorcycle is started after a long period for which it has not been used.

We might be experts in the field but we can assure you that we are not the only ones. I would highly recommend you check out this blog post by a fellow motorbike shed enthusiast:

The exposure to frost can freeze the oil in the gearbox resulting in zero lubrication which may damage the gears and the pistons. Snow and frost can freeze up the fuel in the tank and in the fuel lines with the result that you will not be able to start up the engine when you want to. You will have to clean the fuel lines and the tank before you can start the motorcycle. Without a shed for protecting the motorcycle from the elements of nature will just turn into a pile of junk fit to be thrown away. 

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